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LEGO Club social skills kids group is here at Totally Psyched for Term 4!

By Dr. Sarah Watson - Clinic Director | 10/03/2019

Lego Club is a group therapy program for lovers of Lego who could do with developing their social skills. Small groups of three to nine kids 8-12 get together under the tutor-ledge of fellow Lego enthusiast and social skills expert Counsellor and Educator Elaine Driver. Elaine is UK trained and was trained by one of the team who demonstrated LEGO Club as an empirically proven social skills program. Groups are specifically designed for the Autistic Spectrum/Asperger youth, those with Social Communication difficulties but can also be great for kids with ADHD who have a love of Lego and need to develop their social skills. Call or email us now to register your child - see our flyer for details on how!