Meet Dr Kathryn Rees

Dr Kathryn Rees, BSc (Hons), PGCert Counselling in Education, DChEdPsych

Child and Educational Psychologist - (ON MATERNITY LEAVE)

Dr Kathryn is a Child & Educational Psychologist registered with the New Zealand Psychologist Board. She trained and worked in the UK prior to moving to New Zealand in 2017. She is experienced in working alongside families and educational professionals to complete assessments and develop intervention plans to support children/young people to develop social and emotional skills and reduce barriers to learning. She also has extensive experience enjoying therapeutic work with individual children, small groups of children, and families. Dr Kathryn enjoys working with children/young people with a range of presentations and characteristics, having particular interests in working with those who present with social, emotional and mental health needs and in working alongside parents and families.