Meet Elaine Driver

Elaine Driver, BA, PGDipEd, PGDipCouns, MCouns, NZAC, AFT

Counsellor (Takapuna)

Research into psychological well-being demonstrates great therapeutic outcomes are highly linked with the quality of the therapeutic relationship. With a wealth of experience behind her to draw upon and by attuning to her clients experiences and needs, Elaine develops the type of effective relationship that brings about change, leaving them feeling empowered, heard and understood.

Elaine has twenty years teaching and five years experience counselling children, adolescents, parents and families. Being initially trained as a teacher in the UK (Lancaster), she has been an Assistant Principal (UK) and held various leadership/pastoral roles in education. After coming to NZ, Elaine has completed extensive training in psychology and Counselling and is a Masters degree level trained Counsellor specialising in working with older children, adolescents and parents in need of support. Elaine focuses on developing a strong therapeutic relationship that is supportive and develops effective problem solving. Her areas of specific interest include anxiety, friendship/relationship issues, ADHD, learning difficulties, self-esteem/body image and parenting.

Professional Qualifications
• Masters of Counselling - University of Auckland
• Post Graduate Diploma Counselling - Massey University
• Post Graduate Diploma Education (Teaching ) - University of Waikato
• Bachelor of Arts - Psychology and Education - University of Lancaster (UK)

Memberships to Professional College/Boards
• New Zealand Association of Counsellors (NZAC)
• Association for Family and Systemic Practice (AFT)
• Registered Teacher
• Child Focus And Youth Cyber Safety Group NZ