Meet Hannah Mills

Hannah Mills – B.A Counselling, Cert Clinician Supervision, NZAC (Full Member)

Senior Counsellor - Takapuna Clinic

Hannah is a highly skilled counsellor who has been practicing for over a decade. She is friendly, empathic, playful and her ability to connect with others allows her to be able to support families who are experiencing life difficulties.

Hannah has worked in a range of different communities and settings both in New Zealand and Canada. Which has allowed her to develop skills and approaches to best suit your family’s and child’s needs.

Hannah has a willingness to be with people in the sometimes scary and challenging times to help guide them to a place of safety and calm. She does this through a variety of approaches, such as play therapy, sand tray therapy, somatic (body) regulation/central nervous system regulation – all with a lens of attachment.

Hannah is eager to help build a pathway to resolution for you and your family with your innate wisdom and her clinical knowledge.

Professional Qualifications
- Bachelor of Counselling, Wellington Institute of Technology
- Certificate of Clinical Supervision

Memberships to Professional Colleges/Boards
Full member of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors