“It takes a village to raise a child and Totally Psyched are part of our village. Matt saw the Psychiatrist in the first instance and the professional trust was gained immediately. Matt is now actively with one of your Psychologists, who is central to his journey and is a total genius in our eyes. She moves Matt forward each week by providing clarity, tactics and strategies that are practical and usable. In essence, we feel part of a village that cares about Matt’s development and happiness.”

– A Harrison

“A big thanks for suggesting Totally Psyched to us. We had a great experience there with the Psychiatrist. Getting our 10 yr old diagnosed could easily have felt like a bad, negative thing for her, I think – though her little brother had also been diagnosed with ADHD, she’s a pretty self-conscious pre-teen. I feel like the friendly, playful atmosphere at the Totally Psyched office, and the equally friendly, relaxed doctors made this a much more positive thing as a result. I would highly recommend it to others.”

– Mum

“An important part of therapy is learning about yourself and being able to make decisions that are best for you and your health. The first step in any journey with mental illness is deciding you need help, and then finding someone that will be able to take you through this process of recovery in a calm, generous and compassionate manner. Sarah is this and so much more. The skills I have learnt from her are invaluable for my ongoing recovery, but will continue to aid me for the rest of my life. At the beginning of my journey with anxiety and depression, I was certain that there was nothing more for me; that I was to be suffocated by this illness for the rest of my life. Sarah helped me see that I had a future, and that things could get better. I could not be more grateful for what Sarah has done for me.”

– Lucy, 19

“Can you pass on my thanks to your Psychologist for her letter. It brought tears to my eyes. It is always nice when someone else sees what you see in your child.”

– James

“I owe you a lot of "thank you's". Even though I'm still not the most confident person, I am me and I'm starting to be okay with that, and the reason I'm becoming okay with that is because of you. I must admit that at first I wasn't too keen on the idea of talking to someone about my problems and what I want to achieve because even the small things felt too far away. But you have helped with that in so many ways and even though I still get scared at the thought of being in a situation where I don't know anyone, I also get excited now because you taught me that I can experiment and be someone new and to me that's like a superpower that I didn't know existed!”

– Charlotte, 13

“From the moment I made contact with Sarah I knew I had finally found the right person. She listened to my despair sympathetically and offered hope immediately. It is dreadful to watch the suffering of a loved one and feel helpless. Sarah has turned the situation around with her wonderful skill set. She has my heartfelt thanks.”

– Dr Karen Parker (Mother)